Monday, October 19, 2015

ジョン Sez...

I don't suppose I ever will be a great guitarist, they say working out songs by yourself is the best way to learn and train your ear - hypocritical to state this on a Guitar Chord blog, I know.

Although I find Lookout! Records to be a shadow of its former self, Jon Ginoli's book has reminded me of all those great Lookout albums I grew up on. Years ago there used to be a web page consisting of 'mostly' Lookout! tabs which has long disappeared, no where else on the web could you find Sweet Baby tabs.

So, for me, its a bit of practice to try and figure out some songs that no one else will ever do for me and also to keep them all in one place and on one blog, rather than on an abundance of sketchy tab sites, caked with adverts.

I may resort to nicking some tabs from other sites (and crediting the author) unless asked not to. Any corrections would be greatly appreciated, and feel free to donate any transcriptions, but please note I will be only sticking to my preferred form of tablature - that is Chords & Lyrics, great to strum along to and sounds great on either Electric or Acoustic. Maybe the odd main lick here and there also...

Enjoy/go easy on me